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Get your ecommerce ready for Black Friday.


This year Black Friday will generate more than 1.6MM$ in online sales, an increase of 13% in comparison with the previous year. Consumer’s behavior is changing, and it makes it essential for ecommerce managers to implement new marketing strategies. More than 5% of sales are made in just one day, and it is a challenge for ecommerce. Keep reading our amazin tips of how to make the most out of your Black Friday for BigCommerce Stores.


# Offer an unmissable deal.

Offer promotions and discounts that you don’t offer during any other holiday. The competence is wild during this day, so you need to stand out from the rest and entertain impulse buys.


#Communicate, communicate & communicate.

Communicate with your potential customers as often as you can and as many ways as you can, especially when special dates like Black Friday are getting close. You can send out an emailing series, a messenger blast, SMSs, ads, etc. And retarget them all again.

A great BigCommerce tool for Black Friday is Clever ecommerce

, it’s for free and it will create a huge variety of ads for your store and products, advertising your Black Friday promotions. This way it will help you attract a lot of traffic to your store, composed of people that are actually searching for your products at that moment. Isn’t it perfect?

If you want to start advertising your store and products online, activate this Google Ads PROMO CODE.


# Sense of urgency is key.

Black Friday’s success is explained by a sense of urgency, it only lasts one day! Why not increase even more that urgency by displaying a banner or a counter to make clear that your inventory is dropping?


#Retarget those who escaped.  

Not everyone visiting your ecommerce on Black Friday will make a purchase. But it’s a great opportunity to grow your lead’s base for getting them back to your site later. You can try to capture their email for sending them reminders later, or follow them through the internet with ads and banners. In this sense, BigCommerce’s app Clever ecommerce would do the job for you and for free, so it’s worth a try.


# Create trust for future purchases.

Take this opportunity for providing a great customer service and easy return options. This way you will have more chances of earning customers’ trust for future purchases. Loyalty has no prize.

There is a huge competition for attracting traffic and maximizing their conversions, our tips to make the most out of Black Friday for BigCommerce Stores will help you succeed.

Applying the following tips will help you have a successful store, not only during Black Friday but also during other high-demand-peaks. 

laura sanchez


Laura is a marketing product manager at Clever Ads & a habitual blogger for both Clever Ads and Clever ecommerce. As a digital marketer and advertising expert, Laura is excited to accept new challenges and help customers.. Don't hesitate to contact her on Twitter or LinkedIn to discuss topics regarding #marketing, #PPC, #SEO strategies or any other topics ❤️ She loves to chat!

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