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Choose the right BigCommerce Free Theme for your Store

There are many facts that can influence the success of your online store. One is its design, it should be appealing, beautiful, responsive and intuitive.

That’s why choosing the correct BigCommerce theme and templates is key for your success and your comfort.

BigCommerce knows about it and that’s why they prepared all types of beautiful BigCommerce themes for your online store.

In this post, you will learn how to apply all the BigCommerce free themes available.

Let’s take a look at them!

#Cornerstone Design

This BigCommerce free theme’ll help you express your brand by using our Theme Editor.

This way you will quickly and easily style your site’s fonts and colors, all without the need to write code, easy and beautiful!

It’s ideal for a wide range of businesses and brands, this design is fully responsive, simple, and ready for you to add your branding, logo, and products. 

This free theme comes ready to build a clean looking and beautiful store with features such as homepage carousel, social media icons, featured and top selling products, and faceted search.

There are also 3 styles so you can choose the one that better fits your products and your store personality.


#1 Cornerstone Light

BigCommerce Free Themes

#2 Cornerstone Bold

BigCommerce Free Themes

#3 Cornerstone Warm

BigCommerce Free Themes


Fortune is a standout BigCommerce free theme for cutting-edge online stores.

It’s ideal for small-to-medium-sized catalogs and has everything you need to command and convert shoppers.

Customers will be transfixed by its striking hero area, which puts your imagery on full display, along with its sleek navigation and unique product grid.

There are four styles of this BigCommerce free theme so you can choose the one that better suits your store and products… And the one you like the most of course!


#4 Fortune Minimal

BigCommerce Free Themes

#5 Fortune Bright

Fortune Bright

#6 Fortune Contrast

Fortune Contrast

#7 Fortune Highlight

Fortune Highlight


Once you set up your store, you might be interested in performing different actions to attract traffic to your store. That’s really easy with BigCommerce!

Apart from their free themes, there are a huge variety of BigCommerce apps to help you manage your store.

You might be interested in advertising your amazing store on Google with Google Ads by Clever ecommerce, one of the top free apps available on BigCommerce’s marketplace.


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