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Break Through the Noise with The Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips (2021)

Are you selling a product that literally none of your competitors have on the market? Are your prices so low that your competition simply can’t help but lose customers to you? I’m guessing the answer to both of these questions is “no.” If it’s “yes,” don’t bother reading the rest of this article; you’re either going to become a millionaire or go broke almost instantly. Check the Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips!

However, if you’re trying to succeed selling high-quality products in a relatively crowded marketplace, you’ll have to learn how to up your marketing game. Unless you pay some serious attention to your marketing efforts, competing sites with superior strategies will always disrupt your sales funnel.

It’s time to hit back. Let’s take a look at the best ways you can do this.

Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips #1 Meet All Your Prospects Where They Are

Your website’s blog needs to cover topics that are meaningful to all of your potential customers. It’s tempting to think that people reading your content fit into a small handful of categories. 

For instance, you may assume that all visitors to your blog are either 

  1. people who know that your product exists but don’t know what makes it better than your competitors’, or 
  2. people who are interested in your product but don’t know which model would suit their lifestyle.

If your vision of your customer base is this limited, you could be missing out on a ton of leads and conversions. It pays to think in broader terms of all the types of prospects you can drive to your blog and hook with content relevant to their customer journey.

Let’s tackle the rest of this point with an example. Head on over to the Gili Sports website. Their blog does a great job of presenting content that hooks prospective customers of all types. Here are a few great examples:

  • “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Stand Up Paddle Boarding” speaks to visitors who frequently rent a SUP and want to get better before buying one of their own.
  • “8 Myths About Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards” addresses concerns that may be keeping potential customers from pulling the trigger on a purchase.
  • “How To Repair A Small Crack In Your Hard Paddle Board” hooks existing SUP owners who may well be in the market for a replacement board.

Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips

When thinking about your content marketing strategy for 2021, spend some time thinking about every single type of prospect and consider the topics that would be hyper-relevant to them. Build a content strategy that covers the needs of each of these customer personas.

Remember that you’ll be bringing them in with some well-researched keywords, but you’ll be converting them with content that genuinely speaks to their needs.

Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips #2 Have Your Customers Tell a Story

Testimonials, reviews, and star ratings are all proven methods of social proof, which is one of the backbones of ecommerce success. But what about combining these with user-generated stories? What about adding additional value beyond a bland wall of text beneath the customer’s generic username and blank avatar.

Sure, reading a product review from a verified customer creates trust. Seeing that your peers gave it a 5-star rating validates your interest. But where’s the emotion? Noted neurologist Dr. Antonio Damasio states in his book Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain that “Emotion is a necessary ingredient to almost all decisions.” 

A successful way to combine social proof with evoking emotion is to get customers to share stories and media of them actually using the product. People connect with people, and offering an additional window into the lives of satisfied customers enjoying the product is a great way to stir up positive emotions.

Sunglasses brand Runners Athletics uses this strategy to great effect. On their homepage, there’s a very prominent UI section dedicated to images of actual customers looking awesome wearing their shades. Next to this element is a link to their Instagram account where dozens of happy customers share images and stories explaining how happy they are with their purchase.


Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips


Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a replacement for customer reviews and testimonials; it’s just an incredibly powerful method of making potential customers connect with brand stories. Use these alongside traditional social proof elements to make an extra impact.

Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips #3 Optimize for Voice Search

Here’s a fun fact for you: voice-activated sales are predicted to reach $40 billion by 2022. Voice search is a big deal already. And it’s going to become even bigger. With this in mind, it’s absolutely vital that ecommerce sites optimize their sites for the tidal wave of incoming voice interactions.

Here’s a quick list of tips on how you can do this successfully.

Consider Speaking Patterns 

Combine traditional “typed” search keywords with keywords in the form of organic, vocal questions and answers. While a potential customer may type the search term “affordable running shoes,” a person using voice search is more likely to ask Siri or Google: “Where can I buy an affordable pair of trainers?” It’s important that copy on your website elegantly combines these different types of queries.

Page Speed Matters

Make sure your website is lightning-fast, as load-times play an extremely important role in voice search. Voice search results are provided instantly, and if your page’s content takes too long to load, Google could ignore it, regardless of its traditional SERP ranking. In a recent study conducted by Backlinko, it was found that pages populating voice-activated search results loaded 52% faster than their traditional counterparts.

Be Ready For Mobile Visitors

Twenty percent of mobile searches are voice-activated. This is a sizable chunk of the world’s searching activity. If you’ve played your cards right and your website is the one served as the result of a voice search, it better look great on a mobile device. If your site isn’t responsive and the user doesn’t have a smooth experience as they try to complete their purchase, you can forget about that conversion.

Best Ecommerce Marketing Tips #4 Embrace Sustainable Business Practices

The Harvard Business Review recently cited a report showing that companies who made claims of being environmentally-conscious showed double the growth of their competitors. 

Unfortunately, the article also reveals some hypocrisy on the part of green consumers, with less than half of those claiming to choose ethical products actually doing so when it came time to enter their credit card details. 

Regardless, a full 26% of surveyed customers say that they prefer to buy ethically-sourced products. 65% of respondents said that it is a major consideration for them. 

These are statistics that cannot be ignored, especially as Millennials and Gen Z become the largest consumer base. 

Does this mean your entire supply chain needs an instant overhaul? It doesn’t, but if you’re in a position to make some changes, here is a list of things that will go a long way in attracting these customers while also doing your bit to save the planet:

  • Conduct a thorough audit of your manufacturing and fulfillment processes and find low-hanging fruit. Focus especially on packaging. Using a custom QR Code on the packaging to reduce the wastage of paper or displaying the source of products can be a great way to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Identify larger sustainability goals that cannot be actioned immediately, and commit to a date when these can be implemented.
  • Find ways to highlight accreditation where it has been legitimately earned.
  • Build data and narratives around your efforts in decreasing your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Publish these prominently on your website.

In Closing

It’s amazing that, despite how long ecommerce has been around, we still see so many areas for legitimate innovation, not only from a technical perspective but also from a sociological one. Online shopping is a fascinating world, with a mass of physical and abstract moving parts all interacting with each other in ways that are almost impossible to predict.

Personally, I think that’s what makes it such an exciting world to be part of. Aside from reading articles like this, we all have the agency to come up with solutions to problems no one sees coming yet. In the same way, we also have the power to create inventive opportunities for growth and greater profitability.

Take ownership of your ecommerce journey. It’s worth every step.

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