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Best BigCommerce Apps for 2021

Optimize your BigCommerce store with this BigCommerce Apps Guide.

It is true that you can very easily get lost among the countless options in the app marketplace of BigCommerce. In the following blog post, you can find the most useful BigCommerce apps for optimizing your ecommerce and taking it to the next level!

“With BigCommerce, we can get our product online in minutes. Gone are the long delays to make changes on our website and launching new products.” KENT BALLSR. WEB OPERATIONS SPECIALIST, WOOLRICH

Let’s start with the best BigCommerce Apps for this year!

#BigCommerce Apps 1: Google Ads

Google Ads can be quite complex and time-consuming for some. However, it is an essential tool for your ecommerce to succeed. With “Clever ecommerce

” you can get your ads on Google in only 5 easy steps. You can be seen by customers when they are searching on Google, with text-based search ads, graphic display ads, or mobile ads.

By installing the app you get:

  • SEARCH CAMPAIGNS: Let customers see you as they search on Google.
    • Banner & Text Ads: Target people likely to be interested in your products (by age, gender, pages visited…).
    • Remarketing: Retarget your own visitors once they leave your site.

Your campaigns will be on the Google Ads search, display and shopping networks, thanks to the Clever technology.

bigcommerce app

“Clever ecommerce”

#BigCommerce Apps 2: Retail Ready Photos by Pixc

This is another important BigCommerce App for your online business.

“Did you know 67% of online consumers consider clear, high-quality photos to be more important than product information and customer ratings?”

“Retail Ready Photos” will help you make your store look more professional and attractive to your potential customers by removing the background and optimizing your photos. By installing the app, your photos will be retail-ready in under 24 hours.



“Retail Ready Photos”

# BigCommerce Apps 3: Boost Sales by Beeketing | Upsell & Cross-sell related products

35% of Amazon’s earnings is the result of upselling & cross-selling. This strategy is proven to be a must-have element that works like a charm when used properly. And we choose “Boost Sales by Beeketing” to be the best BigCommerce app that will help you do that. This isn’t the only upsell & cross-sell app in BC marketplace, but it’s the one that stands out from the crowd, because of its customization, reporting capabilities and professional design. When customers view or add an item to their cart, the app will recommend related products that they most likely want to buy. With this you can actually bring more value to your customers, while bringing in more sales, better retention and lower churn.


boost sales

“A cross-sell offer by Boost Sales app”


# BigCommerce Apps 4: Loyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs by

By rewarding your customers they are much more likely to return and make a repeat purchase. “” will allow you to quickly set up and run your own loyalty program. The reward program can include any combination of points, referrals and VIP. You will be able to reward your customers for 10+ profitable site actions including: purchases, referrals, account registrations, social shares, and more. You decide what to reward and how much you will give.



#BigCommerce Apps 5: Checkout Boost by Beeketing | Social Share, Countdown, Upsell, Exit-Intent Popups

Do you know 68% of online shoppers abandon their carts right on the cart page? “Checkout Boost by Beeketing” is a perfect solution for store owners who want to decrease this rate. By offering customers an incentive before they checkout, this app changes customer’s intention of leaving your site without buying anything. If your customers accept the offer, a free gift/ discount code/ or free-shipping code will automatically be applied to their cart. At the same time, “Checkout Boost” brings more value to both you and your customers. They have a small gift, you get a new customer!


“A Share-to-get offer by Checkout Boost app” 


#BigCommerce Apps 6: FavSEO

“FavSEO” will enable store owners to edit, analyze and optimize the title and meta description of all the products, categories and pages at one place. It’s a real time-saver and also helps big time with SEO. Among other benefits of using the app, you will be able to add your brand name or other important phrase and keywords to all the title of your products, categories or pages.





# BigCommerce Apps 7: Outfy – Social Media Promotion

“Outfy” is a social media promotion app which helps you to greatly enhance the social reach of your store, pull more traffic and eventually increase the sales of your products. The app helps your products go viral across as many as 15 social media channels and makes the social media management effortless for online store owners. “Outfy” can create automated posts for you every day within your personalized settings, without making the posts look robotic at all. You can also make use of beautiful images for promoting new launches, sales, discount coupons, blogs etc on social media networks, using pre-designed templates. “Outfy” helps you increase your customer engagement, without much time and effort! Social media management made easy, all the way!





# BigCommerce Apps 8: Marsello – Loyalty Programs

“Marsello” is a new app that allows you to create loyalty and VIP programs, customer feedback collection and email automation. The app specializes in helping you keep regulars coming back and incentivizing loyalty behavior, but also helps you to sell more to your existing customers,  catch customers that are leaving and attract new customers. Marsello has everything you need to do better in marketing that gets sales results.

Marsello combines data driven automation, email, SMS, and loyalty programs to deliver smart, targeted retention marketing for retail and eCommerce brands.




#BigCommerce Apps 9: Data Feed Watch

Optimize your data feeds and campaign performance on 1000+ eCommerce channels. Most selected data feed tool in 50 countries. Free trial & Live Demo!


bigcommerce apps 9

Key features:

• Connect BigCommerce and DataFeedWatch with just a few clicks. Manage your shopping feed and check for errors before campaigns go live.
• We’re able to process feeds for more than 1 million products.
• Include or exclude products with just a few clicks (like for seasonal or out of stock items).
• Painlessly assign Google categories to your products
• Use powerful optimization tools like look-up tables and regular expressions.


Using these apps will help you run your BigCommerce store, while you apply the best tips for succeeding on BigCommerce.


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