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Ideas for your Back to School Marketing Strategy


The back to school (and the rutine) is back to the corner so from Clever ecommerce we want to give you some great ideas to prepare your marketing strategy. Keep reading!


#1. First things first, is your merchandise on point?

The first thing you need to do before implementing your back to school marketing strategy is to make sure you have the right products in your ecommerce store to market. You can check which products were more popular in terms of back to school sales the previous years and highlight them in your store. You can also get product insights externally by checking your market trends on Google Trends free tool.


#2. Entice shoppers to buy by showcasing your products so they appeal specifically to back to school shoppers.

A great way to boost your back to school sales is showing people how your products actually fit into their school lives. How to do it? easy! just display your products in a dorm room, school table, locker, etc, together with other school supplies. You can also have some students using your products and post pictures of it.

The key is to figure out how how your products fit into people’s school lives and use that in your marketing strategy. You can do this not only for your back to school strategies but also for any retailing event.


#3. Reach more shoppers by marketing on digital channels.

Once you have your products available and ready on your ecommerce store and correctly displayed, let’s attract the right people to your site in order to make conversions

Firstly you have to make sure your site is optimized in terms of page speed, SEO and mobile. Take into account that your site traffic will most likely increase during the back to school season. Once you made sure everything is on point, then you should focus on attracting high quality traffic through Google Ads. 

Advertising your products on Google with unique banners promoting your back to school products, and specific ads mentioning your back to school promotions is a great way of attracting people to your site that actually have high chances of ending up making a purchase. 

However, although Google Ads could be super beneficial as part of your back to school marketing strategies, it can be difficult to understand and highly time consuming to set up. Luckily for you there are tools like Clever Ads that creates your Google Ads easily, fast and for free!


back to school marketing

#4. Team up with influencers or bloggers.

Contacting influencers for them to promote your back to school products is a really smart move. There are plenty of mum influencers or students themselves that would be a great fit for your back to school marketing strategy. 

There are several influencer tools like Scrunch or Reachbird that could help you find the best fit. Most influencers will ask you to pay them but there are ways to do it while making sure you’re not losing money. For instance, you can pay them a percentage of the profit you get for each sale coming from them, this way you also encourage them to lead their followers to buy your products. 

However, a cheaper way is to start with your existing customers and social media followers, as they could be an excellent and free  way of spreading the word about your back to school products, offers and promotions. You can also get creative and encourage them with giveaways and contests. Giveaways generate buzz and excitement around back to school and can be a really effective strategy to promote on social media and on your website. 


#5. Target educators and parents with special campaigns. 

Teachers are a good target for back to school marketing campaigns, as they usually buy a higher amount of products and also have the direct contact with their students and so have the power to encourage them to buy your products.

Parents are usually buying more in-store, so you can try to capture mum and dad with next-day shipping or free shipping and returns, just to make it easier for them and convince them to purchase online.


#6. Back To School is a medium-term episode

There are back to school shoppers from May to even October, so you need to carefully plan your strategy to try to capture all of them.  Here you have some tricks to apply to your back to school marketing strategies:

  • Start planning your back to school marketing strategy in April, so you have it launched on May already.
  • Target according to location for taking into account the locations that spend more and investing more in them. 
  • Take into account the most popular school start dates so you make a push in those moments, which usually happen between August and September. Remember to save enough budget for these demand peaks.


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