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Google Adwords practices: tips and advice infographic


Take a look at the useful Adwords best practices infographics Clever ecommerce has created for you. A visual guide with tips and advice for Google Ads beginners. And if you own an online store, make sure to try out the free app Google Clever Ads for your Google campaigns.

Whit the guarantee of a Google Premier Partner!

Which Google best practices are you going to learn with this infographic?

  • How optimize your Google Ads with your Google Analytics.
  • To review your performance: which metris you have to check.
  • Learn how to choose the right keywords.
  • What is the concept Quality Score.
  • We will teach you some tips about how to succeed with smart bidding.
  • Also, what is and how to use the Display Remarketing to get your users back to your site again.

Clever Ecommerce Infographic


And, to finish, Clever ecommerce has created a free guide to teach you more about Google Ads and how to grow your ecommerce. Re-read the last line in our infigraphic… now, more than 60,000 online stores worldwide have chosen us so… Why not to try it?

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Bachellor shoes

“This is the best app ever!!!!! from 20 orders per day we jump to 50 orders per day! that means 18.000 orders per year!!! THIS APP IS JUST THE BEST OF THE BEST! Literaly takes 1 min to install”.

UK Plumb Store

“Great app. More importantly the staff are very knowledgable, very helpful and patient for an adwords beginner like me. Campaigns are well structures and comprehensive. I definitely recommend these guys”.


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