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Clever ecommerce Blog is a friendly space, which revolves around the tools and knowledge you need to help you with Google Ads campaigns for your online business. Learn how to create and manage your Google Ads campaigns for your ecommerce… And so much more!


Google for Shopify

How to Use Google Ads for Shopify

How to Use Google Ads for Shopify Guide Even if your brand new Shopify store needs traffic to start getting customers or your already settled store needs an extra push of traffic visibility, Google Ads is definitely a potential solution that you should consider using. With Google Ads, you will be able to bring traffic […]

halloween marketing

Halloween Marketing Database

Facts to base your Halloween Marketing campaigns on! Pumpkin carving, sipping on cyder (or a pumpkin spice latte), and getting gut rot from too much candy – and tricker-or-treaters are right around the corner, quite literally. Even though 2020-2021 have been turbulent years, it doesn’t mean companies are out of luck when it comes to […]

halloween advertising

Halloween Advertising – Adapt your eCommerce

Halloween advertising – Adapt your eCommerce! In a few weeks we will have celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year… Beware! Halloween is near! Have you prepared your Halloween advertising? Is your eCommerce ready for trick-or-treating? This is once again a weird year due to the COVID-19 pandemic; there is a lot […]

free prestashop themes

Best Free Prestashop Themes – Redesign your Store!

Discover the Main Free Prestashop Themes for your Online Store Choosing the best theme sometimes can be difficult because it is the face of your store and it can affect conversions, bounce rate and session duration both positively and negatively. And, besides, you have an idea of how you want it to be, right? Your […]

conversion tag

Conversion Tag – Installation Guide

Set up Conversion Tag for your Website Conversion tracking is extremely important if you want to run Google Ads campaigns for your business. Seeing which ads lead to valuable customer actions can help you drive costs down and reach out to your audience more effectively. In addition, conversion tracking helps campaigns with smart bidding strategies […]

blog ecommerce

Best Blogs for Ecommerce

Best Blogs for Ecommerce – Must-have List! Are you seeking to improve your marketing strategy? Always remaining informed is one of the best practices you can follow, since every technique or strategy you miss out on will give advantage to your competitors. So, how can you find out which blog is the best fit for […]

Google Automation Software

Google Ads Automation Software

Google Ads Automation Software – Boost your Campaigns Automatic & Free In the last year, there has been a change in the digital behavior of the consumer, and this means that digital behavior has accelerated by leaps and bounds. This is why different businesses and retailers must adapt to this change and take advantage of […]

back to school sales

Back-to-school Sales

Back-to-school Sales – How to Boost your Seasonal Marketing August is here and with its arrival come back-to-school campaigns. Little by little beach afternoons and vacation days are falling behind us and on the horizon we have back-to-school sales waiting for every business owner. Back-to-school, in particular, school supplies, paper book or ebook sales allow opportunities to dive into […]

ecommerce marketing team

Increase Your E-Commerce Marketing Team’s Efficiency

5 Helpful Tactics to Increase Your E-Commerce Marketing Team’s Efficiency Every country in the world handled the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic differently, but there was one overarching trend: an increased preference for digital retail and differents ecommerce marketing teams. According to UN News, global e-commerce sales have now reached $26.7 trillion.  While some businesses struggled through […]

Clever ecommerce blog is a Friendly Space!

Clever ecommerce blog is a friendly space, which revolves around the tools and knowledge you need to help you with Google Ads campaigns for your online business. Learn how to create and manage your Google Ads campaigns for your ecommerce… And so much more!

We will not only talk about Google Ads, we want to help you boost your marketing strategy with the powerful Clever technology, and all our knowledge and expertise. We are advocates of automation with machine learning, with the guarantee of a Premier Google Partner. You can check it out at, but as we said, in this category of the blog you will find from tutorials, tips and tricks about ecommerce, to everything related to google ads campaigns for your online store and your ecommerce blog. Marketing tips, social media, SEO, SEM… You will find it all in our ecommerce blog! 

We will talk in an open space (feel free to give us your opinion!) about all the possibilities offered by our integrations in collaboration with Google search, display, remarketing and shopping ads. Learn how to set up our application (Clever Google Ads) and start driving leads to your online store, easily and as quickly as possible. We promise we’ll be there every step of the way to help you do it, whether it’s with our articles or if you need our direct help… You can always write to us! Read our articles and learn how to save time (and money, why not?) to focus on the growth and development of your online business, paying attention to what’s important and learning more every day about Google Ads, SEO, SEM, and paid traffic, as well as about our team and our tools, promotions and events. Your Marketing Strategy, always following trends.

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