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Link Google Ads with Slack

With Clever Google Ads you save enough time to enjoy that morning coffee you love so much


Your new essential tool for managing your Google Ads campaigns is here!

On March 12, 2019, Clever ecommerce launched the newest creation for the Slack interface. The Clever Google Ads app for Slack allows users to connect their Google Ads account with Slack.


So, what is Slack?

Slack is a place for office collaboration and interaction via direct message and group chat. It allows all types of businesses to work efficiently by connecting team members with a click of a button. Slack has now become more robust, meaning that it can work with other platforms and apps, one of the newest ones being Clever Google Ads!


How does Clever Google Ads work with Slack?

Users can download the app directly from the Slack App Marketplace, or from here.  All you have to do is link your Google Ads account! The app needs to be linked with your Google Ads account to obtain data, check the progress of your campaigns, build charts and summarize your metrics. Don’t worry, this is 100% safe and will allow the app to work properly. Clever ecommerce has been trusted by 50,000 companies and, as certified Premiere Google Partners, meets the extremely high standards that Google sets. You’re in good hands when working with Clever!


What features are included in the app?

With Clever Google Ads for Slack, you can now type in a command to view specific metrics of your campaign’s performance. All you have to do is type in the correct command and Slack will display the amount of impressions, clicks, cost and conversions your campaigns have! This is also useful because you can specify the metrics you would like to see since a certain date. So, if you have recently made a change to your campaigns, such as increasing your daily budget or modifying your keywords, you can tell Slack to display your campaign metrics from when those changes were made. This way, you can compare the metrics from before you made changes with the metrics from after these changes were made to see if your ads are performing better, or if additional changes should be made.

Soon, the app will have even more beneficial features such as: alerts, reminders and the ability to complete actions via Slack by using simple commands. With alerts, Slack will inform you if there is something unusual happening with your account so you can prevent mistakes or unauthorized actions from happening. Reminders will give you notifications about important tasks that are essential to complete so you can stay organized and make sure your campaigns are operating at the best possible level. The most anticipated feature of Clever Google Ads for Slack is the ability to complete actions using commands. This will allow you to simply and quickly type in a command that will create a shortcut to do things such as change your daily budget, activate or pause your campaigns.


Why should I use Clever Google Ads with Slack?

In summary, the app will save you time and effort when it comes to managing your Google Ads. Now you don’t have to enter your Google Ads account every time something needs to be done for your campaigns. With Slack, all you have to do is type a command specifying what you want to do and the app will carry it out. You can also track the progress of your campaigns and metrics with graphs and summaries generated by the app with data from your Google Ads account.

Ready to make advertising even easier? Then download Clever Google Ads for Slack!

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