Clever AdWords Premium Features

Why do you need to become a Premium Clever Adwords user?


You’re already part of the Clever Adwords gang. And we always want more! The Clever Adwords basic plan is awesome for creating and automatically optimizing your campaigns. With it, you already had your ads running easily, and it started bringing you traffic fast. But if you want a more personalized advertising strategy, you should definitely give Clever Adwords Premium a try.

With our Premium Plans you’ll get the most out of your Adwords campaigns. We’ve listened closely to all your opinions and suggestions! And with all the feedback we gathered, we’ve designed the following plans for you.

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Clever Adwords Premium Features


Manual Campaigns Optimization

We already optimize your campaigns in our Basic Plan automatically. But for our Premium clients, we want to take it a step further. An Adwords expert will be optimizing your campaigns manually.

They will create ad extensions, RLSA’s (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) and they will also specify target audiences deeper. In addition to the Clever Adwords App adjusting bids with algorithms, our team manually monitors your bids and overall performance to ensure the best results possible.


Campaigns and banners remake. 

Contact your personal account manager anytime you want to update or change your products, ads or campaigns. We’ll make changes as many times as needed. Don’t be shy to ask, we’re here to help you! Here we’d like to highlight the two following key points:

  • Banners Customization. You can’t change the banners we create for you in our Basic Plan unless you create them yourself. Now you can easily adapt our banners to your brand image and style. Change your banners logo image, fonts and colors directly from your dashboard.
  • Seasonal Campaigns. We know how important some dates are for ecommerce. Taking into account international holidays and events are key. Offering discounts and promotions for Mother’s Day, Black Friday,  Halloween, fall season, Christmas, summer…etc, can have a huge impact on your sales.

We want you to take advantage of every season! So you can always tell us the seasons and dates you want to offer discounts and promotions. We will personalize your ads and make the most out of every season!


Advanced Shopping Campaigns

We already told you how Google Shopping ads can help you grow your online business. Your growth is our success. This is why we offer you the option to make the most of your Shopping Ads. We’ll promote your merchant products with advanced product segmentation to get the right bids.


Dynamic Remarketing.

Remarketing is great, it helps you bring people back to your store once they already left it. But it can be even cooler and much more effective! How? By making it dynamic! We won’t just reconnect people with your store, but with the specific products they were interested in.  Click here to check out all the benefits of dynamic remarketing.


Live Chat – let’s be always in touch!

Your personal account manager is your own partner in crime. They are always there for you. Now you can contact them faster through a direct chat. We know communication can sometimes be difficult through email, and we want to be efficient!  Remember that our experts also sleep and our time zone is CEST. If you write us while they’re not online, they’ll contact you as soon as they come back to work!


Alerts & Reports.

You’ll always know what’s going on in your account. As a Premium client, you will receive alerts every time something unusual is happening to your campaigns. We will also give you weekly reports about the status of your campaigns. Don’t miss a thing!

Awesome, right? And I haven’t mentioned the best thing yet. The price! You can enjoy all these features for only $49 per month.

And if all these features still are not enough, you can also try our Custom Plan. It includes more extra features like Gmail and Youtube ads, multilingual campaigns, shopping feed help, support through hangouts and much more! For $99 we will take care of your advertising strategy with the same benefits and care as if you would have hired your own Adwords expert.


Download the Clever Adwords  here.


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