christmas promotion ideas for retail

Christmas promotion ideas for retail

Christmas promotion ideas for retail for gaining clients during this season

How can you increase your sales using Christmas marketing?

Read the following post as we are offering you some christmas promotion ideas for retail owners. Also, take a look at this ecommerce calendar for significant dates for retailers.

Last year, the holidays season for retailers was the biggest one of all times and as it seems, a lot of the last year trends will continue this year as well:

  • ✔  The most insightful buyers start their research early
  • ✔  Mobile devices’ use was increased last year
  • ✔  Conversions made through mobiles increased during the holidays


It’s the right season for preparing your christmas advertising ideas

christmas promotion ideas for retail

  • Organize and finalize your campaigns’ budgets. If you are using various budgets for different product categories, try to divide them in different campaigns for having more flexibility. Using different campaigns helps you to use various strategies.
  • Make sure your promotions are aligned and programmed according to your Christmas calendar.
  • Observe when the users are showing more interest in the products and when are more likely to visit your website according to the data of the last Christmas season. For this, you can use Google Trends and Shopping Insights.
  • If you offer international delivery don’t forget to plan the international festivities. You can promote easily your sales with the multi-language support. *The national retail federation (NRF) informs that ⅓ of the buyers said that their purchases during holiday weekends were specifically pushed by promotions.
  • You can use Promotions for highlighting your special offers.
  • Set up a solid measurement framework  find out how the clients are purchasing through the different channels. Use advanced KPIs for optimization:
  • Be prepared for an invasion of buyers from mobile devices. You can use relevant extensions to your ads. This way, you help your potential customers to find details which they might need, directly on your ad.
  • Be sure that all your products are approved to be shown on Google.
  • Amplify your products’ variety. Use the Product suggestions report for checking useful statistics about the demand of popular products which you still haven’t included in your inventory and think about the possibility of adding them in your product categories. 
  • Manage your keywords. Make sure you know what your clients are looking for.


Be present during the Christmas season

christmas promotion ideas for retail

  • Get connected with your potential customers. You can target audiences who are interested in products/services similar to yours.
  • Do you keep up with the competition? Be sure you won’t miss the best opportunities. Revise your average position and overlap rate by taking a look at your auction insights.


Generate Online Sales

christmas promotion ideas for retail

  • Reconnect with your past visitors. Show personalized ads to your previous visitors
  • Re-attract your high-value customer base. Now is the best time to remind them your brand while they are about to make their purchases.
  • Help your customers to go on with their purchase. Use dynamic remarketing for showing them the products which they abandoned in the cart or other similar ones.
  • Get benefited by automation.
    • In order to reach new customers you can use Smart display campaigns. These kind of campaigns combine automated bidding, targeting and ad creation, helping you reach your potential customers more effectively.
  • Optimize your promotion actions.


And don’t forget: Even after the Christmas period, people don’t quit shopping. Keep advertising your products with promotion extensions on Shopping campaigns. Use historical data in order to identify the key dates of January and keep up with the successful strategies of christmas marketing campaigns! We hope you found our christmas promotion ideas for retail useful. Comment in the section below your own ideas and christmas marketing activities!

And here You have the only Retail Calendar You will need for this 2019. Don’t miss any special date for your business!



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