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Welcome to Clever ecommerce’s BigCommerce Blog! Here you will learn about one of the top leading platforms to help you build your online store. Check it out and stay tuned for relevant articles, tutorials, interesting information, among other tips and tricks that will help you bring your BigCommerce store to the next level. You also have access to several highly-extensible SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that help sort security responsibilities and scalability to track the growth of your business. It’s a new, refreshing era for entrepreneurs and business professionals.


Most beautiful BigCommerce themes for 2022

We all agree on the significant importance of the first impression. The same way it is important for a physical store to look nice and neat for gaining customers’ attention, your online store should look beautiful and attractive. What a better way of achieving this than choosing the best theme for your BigCommerce site? In the following post, we have put together these amazing BigCommerce themes which we consider the most beautiful and attractive ones. Whether you have a small or a large catalog, or you sell fashion apparel or electronics, there is a perfect BigCommerce theme for your store out there!

BigCommerce Ecommerce – All you need to know about it

BigCommerce Ecommerce – All the updated info 2021 Do you want to start an ecommerce business and don’t know where to start or which CMS (Content Management System) platform to choose? Alongside with Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce is surely a great possible choice to take into account. In this post we are going to […]

Best BigCommerce App for Advertising 2021

Clever Ads is now available on BigCommerce! What does it mean? Now you can get your ads on Google like a Pro! In a few words, by downloading the best BigCommerce app for free you will… keep reading!

Best BigCommerce Apps for 2021

Best BigCommerce Apps for 2021 Optimize your BigCommerce store with this BigCommerce Apps Guide. It is true that you can very easily get lost among the countless options in the app marketplace of BigCommerce. In the following blog post, you can find the most useful BigCommerce apps for optimizing your ecommerce and taking it to […]

BigCommerce Free Themes for 2021

Choose the right BigCommerce Free Theme for your Store There are many facts that can influence the success of your online store. One is its design, it should be appealing, beautiful, responsive and intuitive. That’s why choosing the correct BigCommerce theme and templates is key for your success and your comfort. BigCommerce knows about it […]

BigCommerce vs Shopify

BigCommerce vs Shopify: Which One Is the Best For You? Online shopping is the biggest trend right now, and it is the kind that is here to stay in the years to come. Now that you’ve decided to start an online business, deciding which platform to build your store on is crucial to your success. […]

How to Have a Successful BigCommerce Store?

5 Tips to Create a Successful BigCommerce Store If you are looking to improve your BigCommerce Store, or simply you are just starting one new online business in this platform, here in this article you can find the five most important things every BigCommerce store owner should follow in order to be successful! #1 Advertise your […]

Make the most out of Black Friday for BigCommerce Stores.

Get your ecommerce ready for Black Friday.   This year Black Friday will generate more than 1.6MM$ in online sales, an increase of 13% in comparison with the previous year. Consumer’s behavior is changing, and it makes it essential for ecommerce managers to implement new marketing strategies. More than 5% of sales are made in […]

Google Shopping Musts for BigCommerce Stores

Google Shopping for BigCommerce Stores: Discover the Advantages! If you have a BigCommerce store and are thinking of running Google Shopping campaigns, this post is for you! Above all, we’ll show you why your products need to be advertised on Google Shopping. First of all, what exactly is Google Shopping? It is a pay-per-click Google […]

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… One of the leading platforms for building an ecommerce, or in other words, an online store open to everyone. It is the new era of ecommerce for brands and entrepreneurs! In case you didn’t know, BigCommerce also has several highly scalable SaaS (software as a service) solutions that take on the responsibilities of security and scalability to accelerate your growth and business. What are you waiting for to learn more?

In this category of the BigCommerce blog you will learn how to build differentiated ecommerce experiences, regardless of your current status. This is a platform with the flexibility you need to boost your business. Don’t want to learn more about it?

Then you can’t miss the articles in this category. Stay tuned for all the relevant information, tips, tutorials, interesting information and much more to take your BigCommerce store to the next level – read on and don’t miss a thing! If you are an online store owner, or you are thinking of becoming one, you are in the right place to learn from scratch. We assure you that you are on the best BigCommerce blog if you want to learn more about online marketing and advertising, ecommerce platforms and Google Ads.

At Clever ecommerce we are happy to help you boost your ecommerce store with our recommendations from real experts in Google Ads and marketing strategies. Focusing on BigCommerce, we want to customize all the tips, steps and information we provide to work for your particular store. It will become the go-to online business for your customers – everything you need is right here!

Most ecommerce owners find it difficult to manage their BigCommerce store… And it doesn’t have to be that way! We don’t want your online store and your BigCommerce Blog to become a burden for you, we want it to be a source of gratification! That’s why we focus on offering you the best tips to optimize and properly prepare your online store, the steps to attract potential customers, marketing guidelines... And much more!

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