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Boost your store with the powerful Clever ecommerce technology, based on machine learning. With the guarantee of a Premier Google Partner.

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Get Shopping, Search, Display and Remarketing Ads

Install Clever Google Ads and start bringing potential customers to your store, quickly and easily. After a single and simple installation process that only takes a few minutes, your Ads will be in the Google Ads network. Use Clever Google Ads and save time to focus on growing and developing your business.

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Reach the Right Audience

We create custom made ad campaigns tailored to grab your customers’ attention with Search, Display, Remarketing and Shopping campaigns.


Automatic Creation of Ads

We analyze your store and create unique ad campaigns according to your products and categories. We will automatically create all your ads following the specifications of Google.


Smart Bidding Optimization

We will evaluate and optimize your keywords bringing high quality traffic to your ecommerce and giving you a higher ROI for your search marketing budget.

Easy and fast integration in

only takes a few minutes
Watch the full process

Link your store to your Google Ads account

step 1

Give us access to your account so we can upload your new campaigns.
If you do not have a Google Ads account yet, don’t worry, we will help you create a new one.


Select your target products from your categories

step 2

Choose the products & collections you want to advertise.
The more you select, the more exposure we can give you.


Describe your store

step 3

Tell us about your business and what your offer.
Make sure you highlight what makes your store unique as we will use these descriptions on your ads.


Give us some Ads tips

step 4

Time to get customers clicking!
Showcase what makes your product unique and whats make your business the best choice.We will use it in the description of your ads.


Let's get your campaigns up and running

step 5

Clever is a FREE to use software
All your budget will be spent solely on Google Ads.

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Bachelor Shoes Llc.
star star star star no star

This is the best app ever !!!!! from 20 orders per day we jump to 50 orders per day ! thats mean 18,000 orders per year !!!! THIS APP IS JUST THE BEST OF THE BEST ! literaly takes 1 min to install.

Bachelor Shoes Llc. -

Uk Plumb Store
star star star star star

Great app. More importantly the staff are very knowledgable, very helpful and patient for an an adwords beginnner like me. Campaigns are well structured and thought through and comprehensive. I definitely recommend these guys.

Uk Plumb Store -

Gipsy Dolls Boutique
star star star star star

What can I say? Free great tool and awesome support. That´s all we Shopifiers would always want from apps developers. It works a charm, definitely suggested to get it ASAP!

Gipsy Dolls Boutique -

Chris DiAntonio - Founder & CEO
star star star star star

Real fast and simple integration! Seeing the results in one day.

Chris DiAntonio - Founder & CEO -

Amy O´Donell. Amy´s Playground CEO
star star star star star

Clever Adwords App simplifies the process to set up, automate, and optimize Google Adwords. Our platform allows merchants to get higher ROI for their search marketing dollars, and focus their time on more important things, like building their business.

Amy O´Donell. Amy´s Playground CEO -